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Need points for commissions. And for throwing at Chikara-Redwing.

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Sharing Awesome Art!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 6, 2016, 10:03 PM
THE one and only Mangotato

CSS Skin

C: headshot batch by IcarianPrince

Emmy done by IcarianPrince! This is the first commission I got of her since her redesign. IcarianPrince did an amazing job; go give him some love!

Animated icon commissions here:

Does Anybody Want To Join A Contest?

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 6, 2016, 8:28 AM

Chikara-Redwing is hosting a design contest. Check it out!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa by DerletzteSieger
My Warframe Codex 3.0 Contest entry is now in the in-game codex!
Grumpy =/= asshole. Granted, I have an OC who's both a grump and an asshole. But words mean things. Don't write an asshole OC and excuse it as being "grumpy". What is it with people unwilling to admit their OC's flaws?Why underplay their weaknesses? How can you write any solid characters like that?
One of the more juvenile things I've seen: people adding random music into their writing. Like "X music plays" just before getting to the story. No, I'm not interested in the random music unless it is part of the scene. And even then I don't really care for it.
I have half the heart to open requests because I need new commission examples and I'm generally more inclined to put in more effort for stuff I do for people. But at the same time I've seen enough leeches to be turned off by the idea. And I'd rather be earning points because there are some people I'm looking to commission. Hmm.
Asking your friends doesn't count as research unless your friends know their stuff. It's better to look for someone who's had firsthand experience or at least have extensive knowledge on it. And of course, reliable and trustworthy sources. "I asked my friends and they said it was OK" is a shitty excuse for poor research. Do your friends know more about the subject than you do? No? Oh, well then what makes you think their opinion is valid? Because they agree with what you write? Because they're your friends? Go look up the meaning of personal bias.
Angry rant: I really really want to know what it is that makes people want/like to write these offensive and harmful stereotypes about mentally ill people. People with schizophrenia and DID aren't ax crazy murderers! Being mentally ill does not turn someone violent. A mentally ill person wouldn't commit atrocities unless they were inclined to do so to begin with (i.e without the schizophrenia/DID/etc). In other words if an individual is a shit human being to begin with, they will do bad things. There is no correlation between abusive tendencies and mental illness. If anything, it's the mentally ill that get abused instead of being the perpetrators. The deaths caused by mental illnesses are largely suicides and not homicides. But you people wouldn't know that, would you? Not like you bother to do research anyway. It's more fun to proudly proclaim you know nothing about a certain subject and still write about it anyway.
Telos Boltace: Not the best melee I've ever had, but probably one of the most fun/satisfying to use. I can kill things without even touching them.
I'm currently active on two accounts on dA. One for raw, unfiltered works and thoughts which may or may not include some shit talking. Pretty crude stuff, and also quite personal. The other is for a more watered down version of some similar rants. May or may not include some mild trolling. Of course I also have different projects on different accounts, and I like to keep them separate. So what goes on this account doesn't really go on the other.
Amesha by DerletzteSieger
All I gotta do now is max out this baby and I'll be all set for War Within when it finally drops.
I have three archwings and none of them have been maxed out yet. ;w;

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That is a quality OC tutorial.
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Nope, didn't read that user name right.  Read sieger as singer and was like "I know she likes music, and writing lyrics, but I didn't think it was THAT big of a deal to be the new user name"
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landobaldur Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016  Professional General Artist
greetings from one creative mind to another
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Thanks for the llama!! Thank You Kero Keroppi (2) 

Have one back too!!
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Hidatsenka Featured By Owner May 27, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hey there ^^

Thank you for featuring my works in the forum comment <3 I really appreciate it :hug:
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